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We are a shared Community! 

The Swim Corner, initiated by a collective of former National Swimmers, serves as a swim consulting hub.


Our primary mission is to provide admin and technical support to coaches, fostering improvement and innovation within the coaching community. We extend our expertise to help swimmers and parents seeking guidance in learning to swim, stroke corrections, and open water swimming.


Explore our blog for the latest swimming news and valuable resources.


Additionally, our online store recommends top-notch swim products at discounted rates. Consult with our swim specialists to access effective pathways, improvements, and services, ensuring success in coaching or swimming endeavors.

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Our Vision
To elevate swimming as a sport and as an industry by enabling all parties involved to their maximum potential


Enable coaches and swim schools by creating value and providing support through a system and community,  followed by elevating the standard, abilities, and knowledge of swimmers and parents involved.



For Coaches & Swim Schools

We can provide a variety of administrative support at an unimaginably low cost. Working with the best experts in the industry, we have identified the few key aspects that are necessary and needed by most. The service provided is robust enough that it can accommodate anything that is needed for your swim school or lessons without compromising what is already in place. Some of the most prominent and important services are Confirmation & Attendance tracking, Payment Request, and Guidelines enforcement as per request and expectation.

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For Parents & Swimmers

The consultation is for us to understand what we can help you with. We believe that everyone has different needs and expectations. As experts in the industry and sport, we believe we have the right information and ideas, resources, and recommendations depending on the situation. We are connected and working with national swimmers, leading coaches in the industry at various levels, the best-competing swim schools in Singapore, proper accreditation providers(Swim Safer & Life Saving), and supporting resources like nutritionists and personal trainers famous and specific to the swimming.

Professional Swimmer
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