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Coach Ching Hwang is very patient with my kids and he carries himself very well as a coach, being confident yet approachable, being strict yet fun and gentle. My kids enjoy his session a ton and is always looking forward to his next session. Very glad to have him build my kid's interest in swimming as their coach 

Coach Ching Hwang

I am very blessed to have met coach James for my kid's swimming, he is strict but he is able to capture the interest of my son. my son loves him and looks up to him as a swimmer and a coach. I am very impressed with how he handles my son as he is strict yet friendly when necessary. I 100% recommend choosing coach James as a swimming coach. 

Coach GinYu

Coach Ryan is a friendly yet determined coach. He understand my expectation is to let my children learn swimming skill and pass swimsafer test to let them know how good they are. Both my children pass Swimsafer Bronze test from a non-swimmer in 1 year time. Besides, coach Ryan will update me and my children their latest swim timing although they are not training for competition. Most importantly, both children enjoy swimming lessons with coach Ryan. He is definitely a great coach. Thank you, Ryan!

Coach Ryan


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