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Updated: Aug 20, 2021

To build character is an understatement, because there are soo many thing that can build character in a person growing up. For swimming, it is different and the reasons are as follow

Swimming is probably known as one of the sports with the longest training hours and most sessions per week. Even at the age group competitive level, kids can train up to 5-12 sessions per week and upwards of 2-5thousand meters or yards per session, depending on how old they are and how serious they are. The training schedule and commitments in particular, shows the determination of a swimmer to put themselves through every session day in and day out for the sake of self improvement in this one particular task, swimming faster.

Every successful swimmer will need to have the Ambition, Determination, Discipline, and the spirit of never giving up, before talent comes into play. Just like in many things that we do, the work ethic and drive is mostly more important than having the knowledge or talent. And it is this skill and mindset that will allow swimmers to thrive in whatever task they do.

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