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Record-Breaking Achievements in Para Swimming

We are excited to share the incredible achievements of para swimmers who recently set new world records at The Citi Para Swimming World Series Berlin 2024. Over four days, 16 new global marks were established. Here, we highlight some of these exceptional swimmers.


Taliso Engel: Set two world records in the SB13 class with a 50m breaststroke time of 28.54 seconds and a 200m breaststroke time of 2:23.59.

Gina Bottcher: Broke the world record twice in the 200m medley, setting 3:57.62 in the heats and improving it to 3:55.07 in the final, both in the SM4 class.


Carlos Serrano Zarate: Set a new world record of 31.96 seconds in the SB7 class during the men's 50m breaststroke event.

Nelson Crispin Corzo: Set world records in the SB6 class with a 50m breaststroke time of 34.95 seconds and a 100m breaststroke time of 1:17.59.

These athletes have demonstrated exceptional skill and perseverance, pushing the limits of para swimming. At The Swim Corner, we are proud to highlight their achievements. 

If you or your child are inspired and want to enhance your swimming skills, let us guide you! We provide expert coaching and training strategies to help you succeed. Contact us today to learn more!

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