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Singapore World Para Swimming Championships 2025

We are excited to hear that Singapore has been chosen to host the prestigious 2025 World Para Swimming Championships. This decision marks a significant moment for Singapore and highlights the nation's growing reputation as a leading sports destination.

Scheduled to take place in 2025, the World Para Swimming Championships will bring together elite para swimmers from around the world to compete in Singapore's world-class facilities.

The championships not only serve as a platform for para athletes to showcase their incredible talent and determination but also highlight Singapore's commitment to promoting inclusivity in sports. The event will have a profound impact on the local community in Singapore, providing a unique opportunity for Singaporeans to witness world-class para athletes in action, inspiring a new generation of athletes and promoting inclusivity in sports across the nation.

At The Swim Corner, one of our primary missions is to cultivate an inclusive environment where every swimmer can thrive. We are extremely proud of our para athletes and wish them the best of luck in the competition!

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