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The Perfect Dive: Unlocking Speed with these Techniques

Updated: Feb 15

Accelerate your swimming game with these techniques for faster starts off the dive boards!

1. Body Position: Begin with a streamlined and horizontal body position to minimise resistance and maximise speed as you slice through the water.

2. Foot Placement: Ensure your feet are placed on the starting block, with toes hanging off the edge, ready for a powerful and explosive push.

3. Arm Placement: Lean forward, gripping the block's front for stability. Use your hands for support without applying excessive weight.

4. Head Down, Eyes Forward: Keep your head down, aligned with your spine, and eyes focused straight ahead. This not only aids in maintaining a streamlined position but also enhances your overall dive precision.

5. Explosive Push-Off: Execute an explosive push-off, utilising both feet to generate maximum propulsion. The more power you initiate from the block, the faster your launch into the water.

6. Entering the Water: Upon leaving the block, swiftly streamline your body—arms tight by your ears, legs engaged, toes pointed. Aim for a splash-free entry, envisioning a swift dive into a narrow tunnel to maximise speed. As you submerge, maintain a tight streamline position, coupled with a quick dolphin kick, to seamlessly transition from the dive into your underwater phase.

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